A Stress Free Active Retirement At The Villages In Florida

For those in the United States in search of the perfect retirement destination Florida must be near the top of the list.

The State has it all when it comes to a place that seniors can really enjoy the fruits of the labor that they have been engaged in their entire working life.

Florida has sun, sea and some of the best recreational facilities available in the U.S. Aside from some of the best golf courses in the land it also has fantastic restaurants and other entertainment venues.

The state also boasts an enormous variety of property investment opportunities for senior. However there is one that is rapidly gaining a reputation for offering something extremely special. It is an age restricted community called The Village.

The Village is less a cluster of homes with restricted access – but rather a fully fledged and extensive community that offers all in the way of entertainment and pastimes that any active senior could want. The Village lifestyle is just about perfect for those who want to enjoy the company of like minded people and still remain as active as they have been their entire life – in fact those who choose The Village often find activities that they have not explored before – making the experience even more rewarding.

The Village has been around for the past 30 years and today offers even more than ever before. there a number of accommodation options for those who simply want to spend the holiday season in Florida – or for those who want to make it their permanent home.

With a number of exceptional gold courses that offer free lifetime membership to those who call The Village home the opportunity to enjoy a round or two may be too goo to pass up.

The shopping opportunities are world class as well – with a myriad of boutiques available for those who want to exercise their right to a little retail therapy.

Restaurants featuring cuisine from across the globe are also in ready supply – so for a quiet meal or something a little more exotic the residents are always spoiled for choice.

And perhaps what makes this community so special is the opportunity to meet like minded people in a safe and secure environment – like at one of the three town squares that have been designed to foster that all important sense of community.